A Disturbingly Bullish Outlook

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After all these years, if there is one thing that stands a chance of permanently changed me from a bear to a bull, it’s the new Future Trend feature in SlopeCharts. I am absolutely captivated by this. Just look at the projected price paths of American Eagle……

slopechart AEO

Computer Associates…….

slopechart CA

The CBRE Group (and look at it hug that trendline!!!)

slopechart CBG

The CME Group (which is clearly a super-smooth sailor)

slopechart CME

And homebuilder DR Horton (again, look at its behavior against the trendline; INCREDIBLE!)

slopechart DHI

The “seasonality” of the Future Trend data is nicely represented by Lululemon:

slopechart LULU

And in spite of a recent tumble by Oracle, look at this:

slopechart ORCL

Of course, this cuts both ways. If you look at the ultrashort on the NASDAQ, Future Trend paints a grim picture for the long-suffering bears. Once again, I am slack-jawed by how beautiful it plays against even long-term lines.


Who knows, I may drop this bearish thing yet. Although nine years too late.