Should Ads Disappear?

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For almost the entirety of Slope’s existence, there have been ads on the site. Ads have been there for a couple of reasons: (1) To generate some revenue from the folks who didn’t want to be PLUS subscribers (2) to encourage people to become PLUS subscribers, since doing so eliminates the ads from the site.

For the first time in 14 years, however, I am thinking of making the site 100% ad-free. In spite of the direct revenue loss to me personally, I am considering this seriously because (1) the revenue from ads is diminishing to the point of why-even-bother levels (2) it’s beginning to become clear to me how the hideous ads completely wreck the appearance of my beautiful site, such as this monstrosity.


I’m curious to know what your feelings are with respect to ditching the ads completely, and what your thoughts would be to make up for the revenue or at least do a better job encouraging people to subscribe?

Thank you; if this is going to happen, it’s going to happen quite soon. So I’d appreciate your input.