A Faster, Cleaner Slope

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For your non-PLUS users out there, I have a huge gift. A gift which is going to cost me thousands of dollars every month personally. And the gift is: an advertising-free web site.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. Indeed, before the new site launch, my attitude had been, “All right, we’re going to crank up ads like crazy; they are going to see ads everywhere they turn!” But for a lot of reasons, I decided to go utterly the opposite direction and completely remove ads from the site.

I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this possibly foolish decision, but I think I will. I am going to focus on PLUS SUBSCRIPTIONS to the exclusion of everything else (and, importantly, ADDING FEATURES to PLUS).

For the immediate moment, however, ALL of you are enjoying a faster Slope, whose speed can immediately be seen as going from this:


…….to this, a huge improvement:


So, going forward, you are going to see me utterly focused on improving PLUS and encouraging paying subscriptions, as opposed to griping about ad revenue. It might be a really good change for us both.