Ears Wide Open

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Early yesterday, I solicited feedback on SlopeCharts, which is the free charting product I built for this site. I was somewhat distressed to see this comment from pipesticks:

…..and this follow up, when Slopers asked him for more information…….

I felt bad for two reasons: (1) I want the product to work well for everyone (2) I had not provided good follow-up, which for me is especially painful, since I pride myself on prompt email replies to everyone. (Although, in my defense, if the original complaint was left in comments, it’s unlikely I would have stumbled upon it, but with the mayhem of the new site launch, I could easily have dropped the ball).

In any case, I asked pipesticks for more information, and he swiftly got me what I needed. After a little back-and-forth between him, me, and development, here was the result:


So my message to everyone is……..if you have a problem with SlopeCharts, or a request, or anything else you want me to look at, please just write me. I promise to do everything I can to help. I’m always just a menu item away.

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