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I was very pleased with the outpouring of ideas and information when I ran the SlopeCharts Survey yesterday. Thank you, everyone! There were some specific ideas and remarks I wanted to address here (I’m going to leave them in their raw unformatted state):

My major concern is I will do a chart on Bloomberg charts and a chart in SlopeCharts on the same security and sometimes they have completely different charts…usually the visual is pretty close, but I will look at the HP function on Bloomberg for historical pricing, and the numbers don’t match SlopeCharts…

I get this question all the time. The explanation is simple: our data is adjusted for dividends. Most other charts are not. I feel strongly that dividend-adjusted data is superior. NOT adjusting for dividends is the same as not adjusting for stock splits. It’s insane. I am stunned that anyone doesn’t do it. So, yes, the numbers are different, because the competition has inferior information.

I love ’em!

Thank you!

Color volume bars

That’s coming!

Being able to change the period of indicators from daily to weekly to monthly (other ppl may use other time frames)…

Also coming.

For swing and long term trading, which is about all I do, SlopeCharts is the best site I have ever seen.

Music to my ears!

I love SlopeCharts. Best on the interweb! The only critique I have is that using it with Firefox still has quite a few bugs, but I have learned to live with them. (e.g., 1. ESC does not exit full screen mode. 2. When adding a any drawing tool, you cannot click on the chart to zoom in as it just adds another item (line, box, fib…). You have to click on another symbol, then go back to your chart of interest.)

Thank you for the Esc bug. It’s fixed now, based just on your comment. As for the other, it isn’t a bug, it’s a preference. You can control whether or not drawn object choices “stick” or not. Just go to the Preferences dialog box.

The new type is not as dark as your previous website. I can make the type bigger using my iPad but I can’t make it darker.

Please remember we offer several color schemes. You can control these in Preferences.

The suggestion I saw over and over and over again was a desire for weekly and monthly bars. Message received! There were also a ton of really nice comments and thank-yous, which I deeply appreciate. (Oh, and pipesticks, I think we’ve solved your issues, but let me know).

Trust me, we’re just going to keep improving things here. Thank you for helping guide us.

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