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I wanted to draw your attention to a cool feature on the site which lets you get some perspective on your fellow Slopers on the site. It is accessed via this menu choice:

In a way, what is presented is sort of a “Facebook for traders.” In case any of you suddenly are seized with what an amazing idea that is, and how you’re going to run off and make your fortune with it, you might want to save yourself some time. Sites specifically designed with that mission statement have all pretty much disappeared from the face of the earth. But I still think it’s a nice aspect of a site like Slope which has a more sweeping feature set.

As you can see, you can “Follow’ or “Unfollow’ individuals with the click of a button. What this means is that each day when the Daily Digest is emailed out (cough cough cough – more on that in a moment) you will see any items those individuals have “stacked” to the SocialTrade database. By clicking on an individual, you can also explore their personal stacks and other information about them. Fun stuff, eh?

Some of you may have noticed that Slope emails, including the Slope Digest and the emails which emanate from the comments system, have stopped for about a month. Which, not coincidentally, is exactly when the new site launched. This is at the top of our list right now to solve. What might think – meh – email – how can that be hard? I assure you, Slope isn’t just some blog site someone whipped together from WordPress. It is extraordinarily customized and complex, and we’ve been focusing on speed and stability.

Indeed, after the launch our site speed was in the 5th percentile, and now we’re in the 86th percentile. As you can see from third-party analysis, we’re pretty solid on the multitudinous measurements of the site:

But for those of you concerned, rest assured this is priority one now that we’ve got the basics solid.

I’ll also mention one last thing: the SocialTrade marquee, which is that scrolling thing at the top of the screen that PLUS users have enjoyed for many months. I decided to make this marquee available to non-paying Slopers as well, sacrificing some ad space (and revenue) by doing so. I’m sure many of you have noticed. I hope you enjoy it, as it is a great way to stay on top of what’s new in SocialTrade.

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