Heads, Shoulders, and Feet

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I’m no Luddite. All my life, I have enthusiastically embraced great new technology. Macintosh in early 1984. My first Tesla in 2011. Netflix in the 1990s. Google in 1997. Amazon during their earliest days. I know good technology when I see it. Hell, the book I wrote in 1982 predicted with breathtaking accuracy the Internet and its implications. So I’m not some old man chasing kids away from his lawn with a cane. I know tech.

Yet I’ve always felt the need to piss all over the crypto scene. Cryptos are a solution in search of a problem. The best they were able to conjure up was that Ethereum was going to be the way that everyone created contracts. Uh-huh. Let’s check in to see how the Ethereum revolution is going.

Here’s the twink who invented Ethereum. Looks like the kind of guy ready to all lead us into a new future of commerce, doesn’t he?

What strikes me, as a chartist, is how even though we’ve already seen cryptos lose from 80-90%, they are still INCREDIBLY BEARISH. Here’s a gallery.

And in case you think the HODL freaks have learned their lesson, think again. Here’s the top comment from an article this very morning about how Ethereum was falling.

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