My Amazing Article

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At the risk of drawing in new competition by describing my lifestyle, it’s true what they say about the life of a financial blogger. It has replete with advantages.

First there’s the money. I don’t want to brag, but over the course of a year, I make literally thousands of dollars in ad revenue. Second, of course, is the women. Rock stars have nothing over financial bloggers. It’s just something about this line of work that drives them wild.

Third, and most relevant to this post, is the endless come-ons and proposals that arrive in one’s inbox. Moments ago, I got this one:

Since I do occasionally write about Bitcoin, I was wondering what “amazing article” he was referring to, since I didn’t recognize the title. Well, here it is:

So, um, yeah. I guess everyone who ever wrote an article with the word ‘bitcoin’ got this same email with effusive praise about their own amazing articles. I just found it ironic comparing the content of his come-on with that of the post itself.