Two Unrelated Charts

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It was another very good day! I’ve got 80 different short positions now, and they’re doing just great.

I wanted to share a couple of charts I like which, unfortunately, do not represent existing positions. However, I’ve talked about them before, and I wanted to do a quick post and say a few words.

The first is a company I’ve mentioned dozens of times here, Pier 1 Imports. My theory, offered over a year ago, was that it would ape its financial crisis meltdown. That is EXACTLY what is happening. Wimp that I am, I didn’t stick with it, and I’m too scared to enter now, but I still believe this thing is heading close to $0.

slopechart PIR

The other one is Priceline, which I actually tried to short a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t do so, however, for a very specific reason: my spreadsheet wouldn’t give me a good quote on it. Maybe it’s because the price is too high or something, but for whatever reason, the TOS feed wouldn’t give me a quote I could use, so I just decided not to even trade it. I’ve honestly never understood the success of this company, or its insane valuation, and I’m glad to see it started to wither.

slopechart PCLN