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Over the past week, my crew and I have been hard at work optimizing and speeding up Slope to try to deal with our ever-increasing popularity. The LiveCam of our efforts would look something like this:

But our efforts seem to be paying off (especially if you compare things to, say, one week ago today!). We were scoring a dreadful “F” on the outside analysis metric sites, but I just ran a test, and……….

This work hasn’t been without consequence, however. Slope is a vast, complex system, and sometimes when you fix one thing, something else might break. This was true over the past week with our Profile page, because some folks who wanted to update their avatar (such as changing it to the popular “Santa hat” theme) instead got a page that was a total and complete wreck.

I’m pleased to report this page is working well again, and I encourage anyone reading this to give themselves an avatar (or update their avatar to something seasonal). Just click HERE to go to the Profile page, and update your avatar in the spot highlighted here.