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Well, after months of anticipation and hyperbole, the multi-million dollar Trump/Kim summit ended in absolutely zilch. And it’s not that this was an unimportant event. Just look, way back in September, what the POTUS was saying about the forthcoming summit (including the creepy, and repeated, “we fell in love” references):

Personally, I’m not inclined to fall in love with someone who imprisons and tortures tens of thousands of people and has my relatives killed with anti-aircraft artillery. But some say I’m old-fashioned.

In any event, consider this your sneak preview of the laughable China/US Trade talks, which will end in failure next month after countless negotiations. There will be some lame-ass silly deal, probably involving buying soybeans and adult diapers, and there will be a photo op, and it won’t mean a goddamned thing.

Of course, the North Korean zilch-o-rama isn’t affecting the ES, which continues its aimless wandering of the week.