Big Intraday Improvements

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SlopeCharts has had intraday charts for a while (accessible to Silver, Gold, and Diamond members). We have rolled out some very important improvements, however.

The dropdown menu next to the symbol entry lets you choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly charts, but the “I” lets you choose Intraday.


If you choose “I” then two dropdowns will appear. One of them is the period (from 1 day to “All”, however far back that might be) and the other is for the granularity (as fine as 1 minute per bar to as crude as 60 minutes per bar). The default is a 5 day 5 minute bar chart.


You can choose from the period dropdown for a different choice:


And the granularity menu to alter how many minutes each bar contains.


You are also able to save these combinations as Styles for easy access. We hope you enjoy this spiffy new improvements to the system.

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