Scandal Push

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Hey there, folks. Two non-trade-ish things to talk about.

First, my sincere apologies, but I decided to ditch the “push notifications” product I was using (since it was garbage) and switch to something better. I was impressed at how many of you opted in to the notifications, and I seriously apologize to make you click again, but please do so. I think the experience of being “pushed” at will be better for everyone now. (It’ll basically give you a heads-up when there’s a new post).

Perhaps you read the hot news story today is the huge college admissions scandal. Apparently a bunch of rich and famous people paid millions in bribes to get their snot-nosed brats into great schools like Stanford. This hits close to home for me, since one of my beloved children has been through the admissions process (which is grueling) and is getting buried in offers from the top schools of the world.

How did this happen? Because of my bribes. HA! Are you kidding? As a lifelong permabear, I roam the streets asking for dimes and quarters. I can’t bribe anyone. It’s because – – let me restrain myself here and go Full Modest on you – – he’s quite well-qualified. Any school would be insane not to throw their doors open for him. Not because I’m rich or famous. I’m neither.

But some people are, like Felicity Huffman, which is a name I’ve heard although I’m not sure where. She’s married to William H. Macy, whom I do know. Anyway, a few days ago, before she was nailed, she sent out this self-congratulatory and hilariously ironic tweet:

Well, she created her own rules all right. Surprise, lady!


Suffice it to say I’m glad they nailed the whole filthy lot. Their dumb kids will just have to go somewhere else. Or nowhere at all. Who cares?