My Beef with Argentina

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SlopeCharts is the best in what it does in so many different areas, but one that is often overlooked is its FOREX charts. Due to recent events, I’ve been very focused on the Chinese Yuan. If you go to the supposedly great thinkorswim platform, it’ll just stare at you stupidly if you type in the symbol (and this is a company that was bought for two-thirds of a billion dollars). With sweet little SlopeCharts, however, bang, it’s there instantly.

I was reminded of this because there’s a lot of chatter about the collapse of the Argentinian Peso. I was curious about this, so I zipped over to SlopeCharts and, God bless it, the chart came up beautifully.

slopechart ARS USD

Here’s a picture of me today at a rally, protesting anyone who commits financial masochism by using any other charting platform.