Share Your Studies!

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Let’s change the tone, shall we? I’ve got yet another product announcement. I think Slope has more new features in a week than most other sites do in an entire year. So here’s the latest: publishable study sets!

This is a beta release, which is my way of saying there’s still a tweak or two left, but it’s good enough for you to beat on.


Sharing your studies is a cinch; all you do is click one button: Share. At that point, your fellow Slopers can copy your study set for their own charting pleasure.


The new tab you’re going to notice is Published Study Sets. Right now, there are just my own, but for those of you who have study sets you’d like to share, please do so. Let’s get that library nice and full!


I’ll write something more formal later, but I wanted you to know about yet another great innovation here on Slope, the best financial web site a Sloper can have.