Electric Porsche

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It won’t be long before Tesla loses its monopoly on cool all-electric cars. A number of gargantuan firms, with ample resources to take on Tesla, are rolling out their own offerings, such as the Porsche Taycan:

Fun fact: I actually spent the night on board the USS Hornet. It was an awfully creepy experience. I was half-expecting the ghosts of WW2 soldiers to start roaming the bunks.

Anyway, a Porsche electric isn’t exactly a steal, costing $130,000 for the nicest model. They they’ve got tens of thousands of paid deposits already, so it seems like they’ll easily sell every car they make in 2020.

Elon better get on the stick. The Model S design (which I still love) is about a decade old, and the other two production models, X and 3, look like dog meat.