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I trust many of you have been enjoying the new Comments Search engine. I think it’s a total kick to wander through it, considering the literally millions of comments in the database. Plus, it’s insanely fast. On top of that, we’ve added another feature!

Now, when you get a search result, you can sort the entire data-set by either Date (the default) or by Rating. The Rating sort is particularly useful, since you can quickly ascertain which comments received the most accolades from other Slopers, suggesting which comments are the most useful.


When you sort by rank, you’ll get the highest-ranked items at the top, like this:


For instance, here’s a very popular comment Dutch left when he was back from his health scare:


For the sake of ease of access, I’ve also integrated searching directly within SlopeCharts, so that you can immediately execute a search for a particular ticker while looking at its stock chart! You can just click the magnifying glass on any chart:


Or, to do the same thing, choose this from the SlopeCharts menu:


You never know what morsels from the past are going to turn up, like this 43-point monster……..