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Welcome to September, everyone! This is going to be an amazing month. At the moment, we are getting off to a semi-decent start. The absolutely absurd, ridiculous, laughable, sickening, and nauseating “trade talk optimism” spike from last Thursday (yellow tint) hasn’t been fully eradicated yet. Even a mountain of pessimism hasn’t smothered it yet.


Yet there’s always hope on Slope. The key, however, is to break the series of higher lows. As much as I celebrate these little dips (we’re down 15 on the ES as I am typing this), they are meaningless in the grander scheme of things, because we are just grinding higher, thanks to the persistent rumors which seem, against all good sense, to levitate this most overvalued-market in human history.


If, unlike me, you actually relaxed on Labor Day and didn’t read my Yodel post, please do so. I think it helps put things in perspective.