Accumulated Studies

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I’ve received plenty of positive feedback from our introduction of the new “accumulation” data of the Statistics data panel. We have rolled this exact same information into the technical studies menu in SlopeCharts:


This does two good things: (1) It makes it much easier to put a chart and an accumulation indicator together so you can compare them and seek out divergences, etc. (2) It makes possible (whereas it was impossible before) to put multiple accumulation indicators on the screen.

And, as always, you can drag the horizontal line dividing the price chart from any of the panes up and down to adjust its height. Yay!

slopechart SPY

I also wanted to add I’ve somewhat tweaked the interface for technical studies. No need to go into detail, but I’m happier with its behavior now, since it seems a lot more intuitive. I hope you get a chance between helpings tomorrow to mess around with some of these new studies.