Dow Solid & Shaky

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Below are the thirty stock charts (zoomed in to what I consider appropriate portions) of the Dow 30 Industrials. I have broken them into two groups: solid and shaky.

The “solid” ones basically look like Internet stocks from late 1999. Absolutely insane straight-up madness. Beyond belief. Just itching to be sold. And apparently unstoppable.

The “shaky” ones, which are in the minority, have already started breaking down. So here we go……….(symbols and names are in upper left of each)


slopechart AAPL
slopechart AXP
slopechart CAT
slopechart CVX
slopechart DIS
slopechart HD
slopechart INTC
slopechart JNJ
slopechart JPM
slopechart KO
slopechart MRK
slopechart MSFT
slopechart NKE
slopechart PG
slopechart TRV
slopechart UNH
slopechart UTX
slopechart V
slopechart VZ
slopechart WMT


slopechart BA
slopechart CSCO
slopechart DD
slopechart GS
slopechart IBM
slopechart MCD
slopechart MMM
slopechart PFE
slopechart WBA
slopechart XOM