Let’s (Not) Do the Time Warp Again

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The message of this post will be greeted by some with a “Thank God!” and by others with a “Who Cares?“, but I wanted to let you know anyway.

For a while, there has been a quirk in our caching system which resulted in the “latest” blog post shown being rather out of date. Sometimes by an hour, and sometimes by even days. This applied pretty much exclusively to Guest accounts (those who hadn’t even bothered up signing up for a free Sloper account) but a handful of others as well.

I wanted to let you know we fixed it, and everyone should be good-to-go now. In addition, I know that comments – – perhaps the most beloved part of Slope – – should be steadier with respect to its auto-updating feature. If anyone sees in stuck in the muck again, just let me know.