About Those Shared Lists

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Before I begin, I want to say one last time how much I enjoy David Stockman’s Contra Corner. It’s simply fantastic, and the high point of my day is to read it each evening. Please learn more about this marvelous piece by one of the nation’s best thinkers.

Back to Slope. Far and away the most common query I get is: “How do I see your own watch lists?” I’m kind of flattered so many people care, but I keep asking myself how crummy a job I must have done in providing instructional material on the site if it’s this hard to figure out. I want to do better.

The ability to share watch lists (“Publish”) and see the watch lists of others (“Subscribe”) is all detailed on this page. But I wanted to mention a few key points since this is such a big point of curiosity lately.

  • It’s Meant As An Idea Source – The key watch lists I share (and remember there are many, many others from other Slopers; this isn’t just about me!) are Bear Pen, Bull Pen, Core List, and TK Shorts. Each of these is meant to be a place where you thumb through the symbols and see which ones you like.
  • The Details Are In the Drawings – Some people wonder if I detail my entry price, my stop-loss price, and sizing, and so forth. The answer is no, and there are many reasons for this. Principally, however, the reason is it would be irresponsible of me, and unfair to you, for me to act as some kind of trading wet-nurse. I want to offer charts to stimulate your own thinking and trading specifics that are appropriate for your own style and risk tolerate. Please note, however, that all my lovingly-applied drawings are included as part-and-parcel of your observation of these watch lists. You see precisely what I see.
  • I’m Considering Making It More “Live”– At this point, when you load SlopeCharts, you’ll see the lists to which you’ve subscribed in their current up-to-the-second state when you initially load the program. From that point, however, it doesn’t change. I am exploring, however, the notion of having these lists become dynamic. Obviously I’ll make a big noise about it should that transpire!

The sheer usefulness of these lists changes with time. On February 15, the Bear Pen and TK Shorts lists were absolute treasure troves of amazing short ideas. As of this moment, they’re still fascinating, but the pickings are more slim (for example, out of the 120 items in the Bear Pen, I actually went ahead and am short 20 of them, so the vast majority aren’t really ready, as far as I’m concerned).

Just four more trading days left this quarter, folks! It’s going to be one for the history books!