Gettin’ There

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It was all going so well for the bulls. Just two days ago, we were hitting multi-year lows. Thanks to the shameless whores in Washington, and their desire to bail out their rich buddies, they were ready to throw $6 trillion at the billionaires (and a few shekels for common people, just to throw them off the scent). But Bernie came along and pissed all over it shortly before the close. The nearly 4,000 point rally got paused.


What I care about, of course, is the magical number 2700. Thanks to the aforementioned legislative prostitutes (and the chief Madam, the chinless wonder named Mitch) the vast majority of the required “recovery’ has already taken place. So, umm, yeah, Boeing (BA) isn’t going to double every two days. It’s done. The green tint is all that’s left to go.


I didn’t even understand that Sanders, all by himself, could put the kibosh on the $6 trillion handout to rich people. I guess he needs to do something dramatic, since Biden, the world’s most godawful boring person ever to walk the earth, has soared to virtually clinch the nomination.


Honestly, Biden? The most charismatic and exciting candidate since, oh….