Pipesticks, Rest In Peace

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In the prior post, Violet was kind enough to inform the group of some very sad news:


For the newer Slopers, Paul was known as “Pipesticks” here on Slope. His was a near-constant presence. He was intelligent, and he wasn’t hesitant to express an opinion. Indeed, looking at his records, he joined a full decade ago, and he had typed in over 61,000 comments………


(True to form, other people’s positive opinions about his comments, 96.9%, exceeded his own viewpoint about the comments of others, 86.2%!)

Paul had some run-ins from time to time about his political point of view, and since I hadn’t seen him in a while, I was worried he had simply quit for good. Well, yeah, he did, but not in the way we expected. He’s simply gone. Indeed, his last login to Slope was merely days before he passed from this life.

This was evidently his last entry; to say he was correct would be a vast understatement:


For myself, I had a cordial relationship with Paul, although we never met in person. I offer below a personal email from him (click on image for easier reading). I am sharing this because there’s nothing sensitive in it, and I suspect Paul would have allowed me to do so. Rest in Peace, brother.