Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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I am tremendously excited to reveal a new feature we added to SlopeCharts: we have animated the price cone. Now to some that probably sounds awfully peculiar, but check this out:


I thought of the notion of animation very recently, and in my mind, the cone would grow, shrink, and change colors to illustrate, over the course of time, how the implied volatility of an instrument had changed.

Then I had an epiphanic moment (which are getting more common these days): have the cone actually travel with the price bars! I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

I have a serious question: have you ever seen anything like this before? Because I think this is something totally new. If someone else dreamed it up, I’d love to hear about it. Write me if they have.

In any event, Diamond users, who already have access to the Price Cone, obviously also get access to this animation feature, which they can access here:


To activate the animation, just choose “Price Cone“, and to adjust the animation (for instance, to make it go back farther in time, or to change its speed), chose Customize.


I look forward to reading your feedback an ideas on this totally new way to view changing volatility!