The Ballad of Tim and Yoko

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“The way things are going, they’re gonna crucify me…….”

The chart of Slope’s premium subscriptions strikes terror in my heart:


To say nothing of free Sloper accounts………


Don’t get me wrong. Having a thriving, profitable small business is a wonderful thing, to say nothing of the fact that I know I am helping people. The scads of thankful emails I’ve received prove it.

But I suppose regression to the mean is always on my mind, so when really good news comes along, I’m concerned something terrible is about to happen to me.

Still, I’ve put in eleven years hanging from the cross, so perhaps a couple of apocalyptic weeks should bother me too much. We’re still 20,000 points too high on the Dow, so it’s not like this is the end.

I can already sense a change of atmosphere in this place compared to a few weeks ago. The diehard permabulls stormed off in a huff. And a swarm of newcomers, some of which have never heard of this place (even though we’ve been around nearly 15 years) is poking around, trying to learn the ropes.

Let me save newcomers a bit of time and highlight some pages I think are especially helpful in understanding how to make the site work for you. Click on any of these that strike your fancy. Please!

Seriously, I want to say again how happy I am with all our new members. Be sure to get an avatar and jump into the comments section where, day or night, there is always a party going on. See you there!