Top Cool Tools

The Slope of Hope is packed with amazing features and functions. Here is a list we keep up-to-date of what we consider the most interesting and powerful offerings on the site.

Automatic TrendlinesDraws trendlines on your charts fine-tuned to your specifications
Candle HunterSearches for most important candlestick patterns
Date AnalysisExamines any security and provides breakdown of performance by month, day, and year
Future TrendProvides speculative projection as to where prices are going based on past behavior
Grid ChartsLets you display two to four charts on top of one another and interact independently
Instant TrendlinesAutomatically places supporting and resistance trendlines on every chart
Meter MatrixSee the market in a way unavailable anywhere else: four animated index meters
Relative Rotation GraphsType in whatever stock symbols you want and watch them, animated, on an equity strength quadrant
Search SlopeRulesExplore the rule sets that other Slopers have created to find trading opportunities
SeismographLook at the historical percentage change, on a day by day basis
Time Perspective ChartsBreaks down any chart into individual years, showing them independently and the overall average
VolatilityAllows for the placement of up to three different volatility charts for options traders
Volatility MatrixEnter any stock symbols to see where they fall on the IV Rank/IV Grid
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