Top Cool Tools

The Slope of Hope is packed with amazing features and functions. Here is a list we keep up-to-date of what we consider the most interesting and powerful offerings on the site.

Auto TrendDraws trendlines on your charts automatically
Candle HuntSearches for most important candlestick patterns
CorrelationDiscover correlation values between any symbols you want to examine
DatesProvides performance by month, day, and year for any symbol
Future TrendProvides projection as to where prices might go based on past
Grid ChartsDisplay two to four charts on top of one another and interact independently
Meter MatrixSee the market in a way unavailable anywhere else: four animated index meters
RotationType in symbols and watch them, animated, on an equity strength quadrant
SlopeRulesExplore the rule sets other Slopers have created to find opportunities
SeismographLook at the historical percentage change, on a day by day basis
Super-SumGet a to of stock information on a single screen
TimeBreaks down any chart into year by year behavior
Vol MatrixEnter any stock symbols to see where they fall on the IV Rank/IV Grid