100 Orphans

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I feel a certain amount of guilt that my lovingly-chosen prospective shorts are corralled into my Bear Pen, unused and undeployed.


And keep in mind, the above represents only the first two letters of the alphabet!

But here’s the problem: I don’t trust this fake market. Just look at the attempts to sell off over the past nine weeks. With regard to the attempts to sell off equities for any sustained amount of time, there are more abortions here than at an urban Planned Parenthood. (Editor’s note: I didn’t write that. Someone just hacked my account).


The cruelest – – absolutely cruelest – – of all, was what took place on the 14th of May. The yellow tint shows the reversal pattern. What should have happened – – in a God-ruled, justice-filled Universe – – was the red line plunging lower. Instead, thanks to the anti-Christ depicted below, the market went flying higher for absolutely no reason in the world except the fact that the PPT has infinite money. Sickening.


This is on my mind right now (I am typing this on Thursday evening) because we’re actually getting some follow-through selling, I suppose in anticipation of the Presidential press conference tomorrow (I can’t find the time, but gee willikers, I bet it’s just after the market closes).

Yet I have no clue what the open will be like on Friday. I’ll feel a bit flat-footed if we open in a free-fall, since I have 37 shorts and 100 UNUSED prospective shorts, but after literally a dozen – – A DOZEN!! – – failed efforts by the market to go the direction As God Intended, I just can’t keep getting hands chopped off.

I’m dumb, but I’m not THAT dumb.