Captured & Controlled

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As I was trying to hang onto the thrilling market mayhem with the ES +0.00 and the NQ down 0.01%, I was so bored I started looking at interest rate charts. I found this one kind of interesting:


What that crazy symbol represents is interest rates for BBB-rated corporate bonds. The explosive green move represents something very important: a brief, fleeting moment of an actual market. The old-fashioned kind. The kind that clears markets, fosters price discovery, and efficiently matches buyers and sellers.

The U-turn and plunge does not mark sudden recovery. Instead, it portrays the multi-trillion dollar interference the Fed pushed into the “market.” This, in one simple chart, illustrates plainly what happens when reality pokes its head out of the. It gets beaten into the ground. Quickly.

Free markets are dead. True free enterprise is dead. What we have in its place is a corrupt kleptocracy.

And yes, “this will all end badly someday“, as everyone has been saying for the past thirteen years. The difference is that it isn’t just going to be “bad.” It’s going to be something far worse. We keep getting these chances to set things right. And, every time, they are aborted. Every. Time.

All in the name of propping up the family fortunes of the 0.01%. Pathetic.