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Where I live, I’m surrounded by zillionaires. The most zillionaire of all, of course, is Zuck, whose wife, children, and dog “Beast” live a few blocks from here. This story appeared in our little town newspaper this week:


I thought it was a nice thing to read. The restaurants around here are suffering, and they made the effort to give their regular haunts a helping hand.

My warm mood was chilled, however, when I started reading the comments. Such as………


There were dozens and dozens of these. People griping about what an insignificant sum that was for Zuck, and how he could pay to house all the homeless people in the country, and how they were doing it just for good publicity. On and on and on………


Plus this zinger:


Sheesh, people! Yes, it’s true, $800,00 to Zuck represents literally the equivalent of a few pennies for a normal person, so he didn’t feel the sting. But that wasn’t really the point, was it? I strongly suspect Priscilla and Mark wanted to do something quick and meaningful for these places that they visited, so they wrote a bunch of checks.

Does helping not count if it doesn’t cause the giver to suffer? I mean, $800,000 is still $800,000, and to these lucky eight businesses, I’m sure it made a serious difference.

I am honestly surprised that people are so jaded that they would just spit in the man’s eye for what strikes me as a very decent thing to do.