Nine Lives

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On my tastytrade show today, I compared the current market to being like Michael Jordan shooting free throws in a basketball court while Jerome Powell had five huge fans aimed at the net.

You’ve got a man (Michael Jordan) with world-class skills (throwing a basketball), but he barely ever makes the basket because someone (Powell) is introducing a totally alien and unnatural outside force (the multiple powerful fans) into the system.

That’s just how trading feels now. If this was a true organic market, I would convert every asset I have into short positions. The setups are incredible. But that son-of-a-bitch Powell is there, a man who’s never had an honest job in his life, completely destroying free enterprise with his multi-trillion dollar interference. It’s grotesque, and in a different time, the man would be facing the gallows.

In spite of this, I continue to ramp up my short positions. I have 90 now. Almost every one is profitable and I’ve selected the top nine most profitable for this collection. It turns out most of these are bank-related, so maybe there’s something to be said for that. In any case, here are my top winners right now:

slopechart BAC
slopechart BK
slopechart BNS
slopechart BXS
slopechart CBT
slopechart HNI
slopechart MS
slopechart MTB
slopechart NFG