Pathetic Powell

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Ever since the psychotic criminal Jerome Powell completed the destruction of the United States by pledging trillions of buy infinite amounts of junk bonds, one would assume those instruments would do nothing but go up. (In a fit of unhinged megalomania, Powell incessantly states there is “no limit” to how much he can do).

After all, he partnered with the vermin Larry Fink, the Blackrock billionaire, to buy unlimited quantities of JNK, LQD, and dozens of other instruments which the soulless and venal Fink would sell to Powell. Absolutely disgusting. What’s curious is that these things have not been going up every day, as one might expect.


Isn’t that odd? Oh, here’s a bonus chart of the total assets of the Federal Reserve (SlopeCharts symbol FR:WALCL):

slopechart FR WALCL

There has never been a greater trio of traitors to America than Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen, and Benjamin Bernanke.