Rage Against the (Wrong) Machine

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Let’s check in with the once-gentle American city of Minneapolis (click the full screen icon in the lower right portion of the video to get the full effect):

aftermath of Minneapolis burning from r/ThatsInsane

The Director is a big fan of the Joker movie, and I’d like to point out to him, and everyone, that Joker (right side) looks more peaceful than reality (left).

So let’s back up a second.

On the sheet of people qualified to discuss urban violence, I’m pretty far down the list. My encounters with the police have all been negative, but that’s the nature of the beast. No officer is going to stop me and tell me I have fabulous hair (OK, that happened just once, but it’s uncommon). They’re just going to give me a ticket for not coming to a full stop. They’re enforcers.

In fact, my most negative police encounter was at my own home. An officer showed up, very soon after I moved into my house, and said my dog wasn’t licensed by the city. My dog (a half chow, half golden named Chelsea, a painting of whom hangs in my office) started barking at this intruder, and the officer drew his gun and pointed it at Chelsea, screaming how I have to get my dog under control.

After finding out the dog in question was actually the dog of the guy who used to live there, not me, I was supremely pissed, so I called the police to tell what had happened. Shortly thereafter, a sergeant brought the officer to my front door and, hanging his head, he apologized for his behavior.

So that’s about as close as I’ve come to a bad police encounter.

What’s happening across the country right now is a few orders of magnitude different. I see that there are plans for riots (oh, sorry, “protests“) in 50 different U.S. cities on Saturday night.

This is a perfect recipe for such chaos. You’ve got an unemployed population who has been under house arrest for months, with the widest wealth divide in history, and an environment of racism and violence. I’m surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen non-stop, even without anyone being killed by having their neck crushed.

I was particularly struck by this image below, which is sort of an upside-down version of Kristallnacht, 82 years later.

You’ve got to feel for the poor souls whose job it is to attract conventions and tourists to this place. Their website is unintentionally drenched with irony these days.


And here’s Exhibit B:


Of course, this isn’t confined to Minneapolis. Perhaps you’ve heard that, for whatever reason, someone thought it would be a good idea to dress up a bunch of little kids in military garb, hand them weapons, and send them off to counter-protests in Georgia. (This will clear up any confusion as to why “Hitler Youth” was a top trending term on Twitter today).

The billionaires couldn’t be happier. The highest echelons in this country have two gargantuan advantages working in their favor:

  1. A nonstop circus of distractions, so that no one has a chance to see how, over the past 50 years, they have absolutely taken over everything, and they’re going to wind up with everything, absolutely everything, for themselves;
  2. They’ve got a bureaucratic whore by the name of Jerome Powell who is absolutely thrilled to be stealing trillions of dollars from future generations to create the most overvalued stock market in human history during one of the most economic periods the country has ever witnessed. Honest to God, people. Wake up.

Since I’m watching from a safe distance, I don’t have a problem with all the mayhem, although I think it’s misdirected. These angry hordes are destroying their local Target store (where are you going to get your Charmin now, pal?) instead of, oh, let’s just say, the Federal Reserve located right in downtown Minneapolis:

Although some of these rioters are starting to wise up, such as this chap from the Los Angeles chaos:


So, to be quite honest, I’d much rather see them emptying the Louis Vuitton store (as they did a few hours ago) than Target, for God’s sake. Or, even worse, destroying a police precinct.

The shame of it is that these people have every right to be boiling mad, but stealing underwear from Target or setting fire to a local bar isn’t going to do a goddamned thing. If these people had a clue – – even a clue – – about what the likes of Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Blankfein, Steve Mnuchin, and Larry Fink had done to them, they would be dragging THEM by their necks down the street and beating them to death. Not wrecking the local grocery store.

But these people have no clue. Zero. They couldn’t tell you what the Federal Reserve does. Or what fractional banking is. Or who Larry Fink is. Those $1200 checks were enough to keep the sheep in line, although that money has long been spent. The powers that be are going to have to keep throwing free cash at people to keep them shut up and feeble. As of now, the gravy train ends on July 31st.

We’re getting a sneak preview of this autumn, however. I pledged to stay off the subject of politics, in spite of my strong feelings, and I think I’ve been doing a crackerjack job. As I’ve pledged, until the results of the Election are in, I’m keeping my mouth shut. So the following isn’t an introduction of political discussion; it is simply a screen capture from some tweets this morning:


The most vicious dogs. The most ominous weapons. Just waiting for action. Anyone else get the feeling he’s really getting off on the prospect of violence? I sure do. Thus, can you imagine what he’s going to be tweeting if he loses? Or, better yet, what if we get a second wave of Covid PLUS civil war, created by angry tweets?

But there’s one man who has declared himself innocent, and it’s this son of a bitch:


We live in a time which is nothing less than appalling. Lies. Cheating. Stealing. Deception. Theft. All for the benefit of the richest. Every bit of it. And these ignorant lunatics shrieking and smashing glass are destroying the businesses that serve their “community” while leaving the billionaires alone, laughing their asses off. Jeff Bezos has never had it so good.

The human race has a long history. This is not the end of time. The age of revenge is only just beginning, and we all have a responsibility to our families to try our best to keep them safe.

The storm brewing out there is no anomaly. What we are witnessing this very weekend is, I believe, just an appetizer in an all-you-can-eat buffet of pandemonium on its way. Powell and his completely fake stock market won’t change that.

You can’t stop what’s coming. That’s vanity.