Retail Review

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I’ll level with ya. I’m bored to freaking tears with this market. Just absolutely stone cold bored. So I’m focused on product development.

But, the show must go on, so here are some important retail charts whose earnings came out pre-market……….Home Depot, as always, just keeps climbing to infinity, as it has done for decades:

slopechart HD

WalMart is also at a record high (and why not, with 25% unemployment?)

slopechart WMT

The dud is Kohl’s, whose former success I couldn’t understand at all. You ever been to one of these places? You want to commit seppuka after a few minutes inside.

slopechart KSS

One interesting roll-up of this is the retail fund, symbol XRT, which has been playing off its Fibonacci retracement levels exceptionally well. It’s banged right up against the 50% level at this moment.

slopechart XRT