Wham, Bam, Thank You Scam

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Humans don’t really learn, do they?

Back on April 17th, Gilead (GILD) went absolutely ape-shit because of something-or-another to do with Covid (a test, a cure, God knows what), and considering the public reaction, you’d think they had solved every disease known to mankind. The POTUS had the CEO of GILD in his office, yammering on about good news this, and good news that.

It all turned out to be a total nothing-burger.


So the next time some “good news” in the form of a rumor came floating around, did people scoff at it? NO! On the contrary, it was enough to send the Dow up nearly 1,000 points and cause an explosive rally. This time, however, it was Moderna (MRNA) as the scam o’ the day instead of GILD. Those who bought into it just yesterday morning have already had 25% of their flesh chopped off.


What a crock, people. Seriously. What. A Crock. At least we can rely on our public servants to watch out for us.