Nice Shootin’, Text

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We have greatly enhanced the ability to attach text to both horizontal lines and trendlines in SlopeCharts.. In fact, only minutes after we introduced the ability to add text to horizontal lines, the first comment I got from a Sloper was that we should add it to trendlines, if possible, Well, here it is!


We didn’t just add the ability to put in text; we’ve given you a lot of control, both with horizontal lines……..


…….as well as diagonal lines (that is, trendlines):


Specifically, you can control:

  • The color of the trendline;
  • The opacity (how much you can see through it);
  • The weight (or thickness);
  • Whether the pattern is solid, dashed, or dotted;
  • What text you want associated with the trendline, if any;
  • Whether any text is above or below the line;
  • Whether any text is left-, center-, or right-aligned;
  • The font size of the text, if there is any;
  • Whether the line extends to the left, right, or both;
  • Whether your settings should be preserved as the default for all future Trendlines that you will draw

I hope you are enjoying the steady flow of improvements to the products. Many more to come, as you might suspect.