Pre-Fed ETF Stroll

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Before the Powell bromides and pandering reassurances begins, here are a few important ETFs and some words captioned in each:

slopechart DBC
Long-term, commodities look ready to turn lower (note recent horizontal resistance)
slopechart DIA
The “diamonds” broke their intermediate term trendline; as long as it doesn’t push above its horizontal, this is bearishly configured
slopechart EFA
The European MSCI shares have likewise broken their intermediate trendline anchored to March 23
slopechart EWZ
Brazil shares are getting very close to major resistance where the price gap is located
slopechart ITB
Home construction is still uptrending smoothly
slopechart XRT
As bad a shape as retail seems to be in, the retail ETF has shattered its descending trendline
slopechart XME
Probably the most bearish of all of these charts is this one, which has an exceptionally-clean horizontal that has been tested before