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There are hundreds of companies left to report earnings, but for the most part, today is where it all ends. The “Big Four” of tech all report after the close. They are (including links to their Slope Super Summary page):

  • Apple, market cap over $1.6 trillion;
  • Amazon, market cap over $1.5 trillion;
  • Facebook, market cap 666 billion (of course);
  • Google AKA Alphabet, 1 trillion

Since I’m so obsessed with gold, here’s a fun fact: the four companies above, none of which existed 45 years ago, are collectively worth about $10 trillion. The entire gold in the world, including unmined reserves, is only worth about twice that much. In addition, that entirety of known gold, if formed into a cube, would only be 21 meters on each side. Pretty amazing, no?

In any case, here are the charts of the Big Four:

slopechart AAPL
slopechart AMZN
slopechart FB
slopechart GOOGL

I have no positions in any of these, although I personally feel Alphabet and Apple are the most vulnerable to weakness.