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Perhaps it could have been said more elegantly, but I doubt more succinctly. This is from the weekend:


Quite seriously, it was just eye-rollingly nauseating. Endless posts about “Papa Elon” and “Daddy Musk“. This went beyond fan-boy. It was a bizarre, homo-erotic, worship-fest. Joe Kennedy had nothing on these guys.

Anyway, no need to declare that This Was The Top, but maybe. Suffice it to say, there are some ticked-off latecomers who finally couldn’t take it any more and jumped in with both feet this morning.


Speaking of which, remember the copycat Nikola? And the gap I pointed out? You do? OK, good. Because this sucker keeps shrinking.


I’m not insane enough to mess around with Tesla in real life, but in our virtual trading environment, where there is no real risk (or opportunity, for that matter) I went hog-wild with some put options. Problem is, they are as authentic as monopoly money. But it’s fun to dream!