$4 Million GONE!

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Oh Mah Gard! Mah assets!


This chart, courtesy of our friends at Zillow, purports to show the value of my house. It suggests that it has plunged from well over $8 million to well under $5 million, a loss of almost $4 million. Heavens to mergatroid! The last 30 days alone, down almost 40%! How is this not news?


Simply stated, I think Zillow is wholly and utterly full of feces. My lovely home was never worth that much, and it isn’t worth this little either. Interesting how the graph just plunged out of the clear blue sky, ain’t it?

The funny thing is, that as farcical as Zillow’s data appears to me, the market has gone ape-shit over this organization (symbol Z) and has pushed it to highs never seen before.

slopechart Z

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just roam around stately Wayne Manor a while.