Behind the Green Door

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The two development efforts which have been all-consuming for many months have been (a) the Slope Mobile apps and (b) the Virtual Trading feature. The app is just about ready for you to download, whereas virtual trading is still very much in the throes of testing by our marvelous crew of Slope volunteers.

I’m quite pleased at the progress we have made. I wanted to share a few screens with you to give a sense as to how things are shaping up. Here is the Results screen from my account, which illustrates that in spite of some nastiness (a 90.74% loss on one trade) overall my virtual options trading has thrown off some good results. Even though there have been more losing trades than winning trades, there’s a hearty overall profit.


The toughest part of this project has been dealing with complex options orders. I never really had an appreciate for how much is going on under the hood until we really got into the weeds with this stuff.


The past trades are tracked, with such information and entry and exist dates, profits/losses, and percentage results. This is all summed up at the bottom.


One of the coolest integrations is with SlopeCharts itself. Here you can see my (virtual) trades with AMZN. The real challenge here was teasing out the discrete trade groups for a morass of execution data, but we did it.


We’ve also recently added one-click Strategies. We’re still cleaning up the aesthetics on this page, but this is roughly what it will resemble.


Well, you get the idea. That’s where we’re concentrating, and I’m truly looking forward to rolling this out for you to try, since it will let you, as I put it, trade without the trauma. I think it’ll be the most important addition to the site since SlopeCharts.