Creatures of the Night

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For those of you who missed out on the debate last night, here’s a snapshot which captures the zeitgeist:

When I slunked off to bed, the ES had plunged nearly 70 points from its debate peak (for no reason I can figure) and, as I’m typing this, it has shaved off the majority of that plunge. I am finding myself using the words “ I am typing this.…” as an apologia for the fact that, by the time I get to the end of each sentence, the market looks totally different. Last night was quite the roller coaster.

As I’m typing this (“there you go again” – Reagan) the RTY is actually green, as apparently Powell really, really, really likes his current boss and will keep reloading cartridges into the digital printing press to keep buying up equities (through his proxy, Blackrock) to maximize chances of success.


The other twist to this morning is that it’s the last day of the quarter (Q3 2020), so whatever weird shenanigans that take place during portfolio reshuffling, particularly as the day draws to a close, will be on board.

I’m usually an early to bed/early to rise kinda fella, but last night I stay up past midnight finishing up applying labels to my ticker symbols (if the above-shown Batman series was real, perhaps I’d be some kind of lame villain called The Labeler). It was a lot of work, but I’m in the data business, and now I’ve got a lot more data to work with and build products around.

So let’s all rest up until the next debate, which is the only Pence/Harris face-off, and that’ll be in just a week!