Est Nihil

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As a child of the Cold War, I have a very easy “tell” that indicates when I am really anxious: I have a dream about a nuclear war. It happens every single time. If I’m extraordinarily worried, then the mushroom clouds show up. It happened to me just the other night.

The reason, as you might guess, is related to the election. However, it isn’t the election per se: it is the market’s reaction to it. Just think back to the mayhem that took place on Election Night 2016. I suspect something akin to that, but instead of taking place over several hours, it could go on for days, or even weeks. Just wild, crazy swings, up and down, with every tidbit of news lurching the market this way and that. Thus, the dreams of nuclear annihilation.

Some of you may be revved up to stick your finger in my face, smirk, and screech “Told ya so!” when that President you’re so crazy about wins. Listen, don’t bother. I’ve already made it clear that this is the same lame match-up we have four years ago, and I will not be thumping my chest if Biden wins. The change the country needed was someone really different – – like Bernie – – not this milquetoast character.

Although I do have to wonder about something – – most of you have seen this kind of sign (on banners, t-shirts, or performed live by people) – – so if he loses, does the opposition get to declare the same sentient? I mean, it’s only fair, right?

Anyway, I’ve made clear that whoever “wins” is going to ultimate wish he hadn’t. The boys in Gainesville recently wrote:


A-FREAKIN’-MEN. Exactly. Whoever wins is 2024 is going to be the radical opposite of whoever wins in 2020. Promise. Think in terms of President Ocasio-Cortez. Unfathomable stuff.

Most of you know my views well enough to know that I don’t like dumb people overwhelming the smart, I don’t like violent people overwhelming the peaceful, and I don’t like indecent pigs overwhelming the decent. So I’ll definitely have my own reactions Tuesday night, for better or worse. And I imagine I’ll keep my digital mouth shut, on the whole. But the real challenge – – the triple-black-diamond of ski runs – – is going to be dealing with the market mayhem.

And that’s where the dreams are coming from.