Fearless Leader

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Welcome to a new week, Slopers. Hey, can you try to spot the trend in the NQ?


How about the ES?


Yep, ever since last week, it has been up-every-day, no-questions-asked. I don’t show it here, but the small caps are the only things acting even relatively weak. As I’m typing this, they are up 1/7th as much as the NQ. Definitely a laggard.

All of this, of course, is suffocating volatility into utter oblivion.


What should happen went countless trillions are printed out of thin air, and countless trillions more are absolutely, positively coming in the future? Gold at $20,000 an ounce, right? Apparently not. This poor beast is in the county jail. I remain disinterested until it’s pounding down around $1800 or even less.


One sliver of light is seen in crude oil, which has exhausted itself and, gasp, is actually down almost 2% right now. I still have energy shorts, and it remains a favorite short sector for me into next year.


I saw just an ad on Facebook, however, that is just right for those of you who may think of equities as too uninteresting: it is Uplift Aerospace. Apparently, you give them money and some totally unknown guy paints art for you. But here’s the twist: the art gets shot into space and then, hopefully comes back down, and then it’s yours: something that has been in space and you get to have it.


Personally, I’d rather pay for a meteorite, and I bet it costs about 99.99999% less than the bespoke pieces from Uplift.