Magic Flop

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that Magic Leap is the Duke Nukem of the high-tech world. These clowns have raised literally billions of dollars and haven’t shipped dick.

I decided to wander over to their site to see what almost $4 billion of funding had created for us to enjoy. Well, their home page shows a trio of scenes which ostensibly show the spiffy ways their VR product (which will ship Real Soon Now, I’m sure…….) will do. They show an old woman with her virtual brain floating above her hospital bed. And they show a group of people in a business setting.

But my favorite was the third, which I have kindly captured for you. Just look at this thing (it’ll take a few moments to display). Evidently the guys goal is to mark a cardboard box. In a sane world, one would walk over and mark the goddamned thing.

But not in Magic Leap world. With your VR goggles, you and your virtual companion would walk to the box. You would point with your VR hand controller at the box to mark. And then your virtual hand would mark it.

Hey, Magic Leap, I’ve got something else for your virtual hand to do.