Netflix Chartapalooza

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A glance at Slope’s quarterly reports calendar shows that we’ve entered the action-packed phase of the cycle, and one of the more exciting announcements will be from Netflix (NFLX). Here are some of the cool ways that one can view Netflix as we approach this event by way of Slope’s analysis tools available to our paying members……..

Earnings reaction graph, showing the diminishing gains and losses in recent years
Price cone, illustrating the assumed range of outcomes
Implied Volatility Rank, showing NFLX relatively low right now
Price change graph, showing on average a drop the day after announcements
The Seismograph, illustrating volatility changes over its history
Time perspective analysis, which illustrates non-seasonal nature of prices

Most simply, here is the entire NFLX chart, bounded by its lifetime price channel. Since its bottom, the chart is up 1500-fold, meaning if you had just invested a billion dollars at the bottom, you would have $1.5 trillion now.