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Over the course of time, many of the improvements on Slope are so small,. I don’t mention them. If I find that a noun is missing an “s” at the end, and we fix it, I’m not going to waste your time with the big news. (As a side note, the generosity of some Slopers is jaw-dropping. Mississippi Man recently spent hours reviewing the options strategy guide and send me ample corrections, and Violet has been tidying up my work for years!)

Anyway, we did release a hodgepodge of improvements lately that I think are worth noting. In no particular order:

We have improved the measurement tool so that it is intelligent about where it places its information box.


We now allow you to dictate whether or not after-market information is included with intraday charts. For instance, here is a chart without after-hours data:

slopechart FSLR

And here is the same stock with the after-hours data (which is especially relevant these days, with all the earnings reports).

slopechart FSLR

This is all controlled via this new checkbox in SlopeCharts preferences.


OK, this is my favorite new feature by far: it allows you to consolidate all your closed trading results (profits and losses) by symbol. In addition, you can sort based on P/L and percentage-based P/L with these grouped symbols, meaning you can instantly see what symbols you are doing the best and worst with (irrespective of whether the trades were equity-based or options-based). Very spiffy!


When accessing the shared watch lists, we now provide a hyperlink to the web page for these lists, which frankly I think is a much better way to explore them.


Finally – – and this has been the most in-demand feature of any of these – – you can now run tests in SlopeRules based on any given date range. I’ll tell you right now I’m not happy with how we set the start and end dates, but we’re going to tweak that interface within the next twenty-four hours. In any event, it works just fine, and it lets you test SlopeRules algorithms with a user-defined range.


Unrelated to all this, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were three dynamite back-to-back trading days for me. There is a tidal wave of earnings coming after Thursday’s close, so it should be tremendously exciting.

I hope you enjoy the new features above! We are always making Slope better, particularly for our awesome paying members.

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