Trade Data Project

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The first release of Virtual Trading is humming along smoothly, and as people are using the system, the data set is beginning to grow. This is where things get fun.

As more and more trade data is created, we get a witch’s brew of profits, losses, trading strategies, and other information that’s going to be a lot of fun to slice ‘n’ dice. It also gives one the opportunity in SlopeCharts to see their actual trades in the context of a chart (the example below shows how I made a profit on my NKE puts – – aren’t I smart??? – – only to close it out before the options went into oh-my-God-profitable mode.)

But take it from someone who has been working with computers since 1979 (God help me…….) this is tough stuff, and taking raw data and trying to make it attractive and helpful is a huge challenge. Like, oh, say, this:

Rest assured this continues to be our focus, and I intend to weave virtual trading (and, right on its heels, actual trading) deeply into the site.