A Perfect Ten

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Another big improvement folks!

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On the Top Ten Traders page, there is a constantly-updated list of the most successful virtual traders, ranked in terms of their Total Equity. You can sort this table of ten based on any of the columns, but the default is Total Equity, which puts the most profitable trader at the top.


The columns available for sorting are Username, Total Equity, Total P/L, Wins, Losses, and Win %. It is possible for a relatively new virtual trader to make the top ten and show absolutely no wins or losses. The reason is because wins and losses are not accrued until the trader is closed. However, a person might have profits already on open positions, and that is taken into account when computing the Total Equity.


If you click on a username, a new tab will appear with the profile of that particular Sloper. You can click other items, however, to drill deeper into what made these virtual traders so successful.

If you click on Total Equity, for example, a window will appear showing that person’s current positions and the P & L for each one. You can sort any of the columns in this window.


By clicking on any specific Total P/L, you can see that user’s closed positions. What’s especially powerful about this is that you can see all the positions individually (by checking Group by Symbol) or as the sum total of all profits and losses for each symbol. This provides a very swift way to see where the concentration of any person’s profits and losses were.


And, by scrolling to the bottom of the Closed Positions window, you can see the grand total of profits (or losses) in dollar and percentage terms.


By digging into the details of the Top Ten Traders, you get an endlessly interesting and constantly changing view into the goings-on with the top virtual traders on Slope.