Gee, D.P.

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Only days ago, the Q3 GDP came out, and it was a record. A massive record. It wasn’t even close. Fantastic news, right? Of course! C’mon!

Perhaps you have noticed the tremendous drop just prior. That’s important. Because it explains the big gain that follows.

Let’s draw an analogy. I could, for example, tell you I made 50% last quarter trading stocks. You would, I’m sure, be amazed. I may or may not bother to tell you I lost 50% the prior quarter. Perhaps I am embarrassed by it.

Many of our fellow countrymen, being too simpleminded to know better, would assume, confronted by these facts, that I have no done no harm, since I neither made nor lost anything. Lost 50%. Made 50%. Even Steven, right?

Well, no, obviously not. Went from 100 to 50. A 50% loss. Then made 50%. Went from 50 to 75. Still have lost 25%. The math checks out. Confer with your college texts, if you must.

In any case, basic intelligence………or even the mere act of thinking…… not expected in our society these days. Instead, feckless whining is the norm, as presented here:

Jesus, what a dillweed. Anyway.

Aided and abetted by willing accomplices, this canard continues:

Boofuckinghoo. Anyway.

Honestly, there’s really just one thing to say, so I said it: